How does your rental fleet program work?

Levy Fleets is primarily a software and services package that we offer to 3rd party operators looking to launch their own scooter or bike rental fleet.  

It's primarily geared towards operators running fleets of less than 200 vehicles that don't have the resources to manage their own software, billing infrastructure, and customer support team in-house. 

We provide the following which includes everything needed to launch the fleet from Day 1 after your scooters arrive: 

  • Backend Dashboard for managing the fleet (Desktop and Mobile App versions).  This is where you can view the scooters in real-time, get alerts for battery status, track revenue and trips, and configure geofencing zones and pricing
  • SIM cards and data access.  The vehicles will come pre-installed with SIM cards for data access and GPS positioning which is required to communicate with our backend software (and the user's mobile phone who is renting).  
  • Payment Processing:  All of the in-app payments are processed through our billing system.  We handle the verification of the payment method, along with resolving any disputes directly with customers or card issuing banks.  
  • End-user support:  Any issues with app-registration, billing, or vehicle issues will be reported to our team via phone or email to triage. 
  • Operational support: These commercial grade rental vehicles are generally low maintenance, but in the case something is damaged we stock spare parts that can be shipped out to you on notice. 

Our platform fee is 20% of revenue for these services, and 80% of the revenue generated is paid out to you in monthly ACH remittances.  Over the duration of month, you'll still have real time access and reporting to payments and revenue. 

The upfront cost for our operating partners are just the vehicles themselves.  We have wholesale pricing agreements in place with major manufactures of rental grade vehicles (Okai, Segway, Acton).  After the vehicles arrive to you they will already be configured to work with our software and ready to rent within 24 hours. 

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