Levy Fleets Operator App

The Mobile Operator app is separate from our Levy iOS & Android apps used by customers. It's built and maintained by Atom and is used by operators to manage their fleet of vehicle more effectively on the go.

You can download Operator App using these links. The log in will be the same credentials that you use to log into the Levy dashboard.

Your maintenance team can easily find vehicles that need charging or maintenance, as they can apply vehicle filters to hide/show vehicles with particular status or battery level range while they are maintaining the fleet:

Rebalancing functionality lets your team find vehicles that are located in areas with low demand and relocate them to a better spot. The Transportation status can be set for vehicles being moved / relocated:
If the maintenance team needs to change the status of a vehicle on site, all they need to do is click the vehicle in the app, choose to Change Status, pick the applicable status and set it:

The app enables your team to report any problems with vehicles in a few clicks by taking notes for a particular Vehicle directly in the app. This feature will help your team to understand what is wrong with a particular vehicle and track the history of its repairs. For example, place a vehicle on Need Investigation and add comments through the dashboard, such as "Please check the lights". Your team will see this comment in the app and will be able to reply back to you in a matter of seconds:

In cases when your team manages many vehicles at the same time, they can use the "multiple scan" feature, which lets them scan as many vehicle QR codes as they need and change the status for all of them with one click.
Click on the + button, scan several QR codes and click on the flag button when all vehicles are scanned. Then change status with one click for all scanned vehicles:

Additionally, the service app provides a useful heat map on where to potentially place more vehicles - covering information for the past 7 days / last 5000 rides and showing the 400 most popular polygons:
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