Okai EB100 Fleet Bike

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EB100 Electric Bike Specifications


Product Name: Electric Bike
Product Model: EB100 series

Product Introduction

The frame of this product is made of aluminum alloy extruded material using sine wave controller and equipped with instrument headlight and taillights.

Key Features

  • Exterior: The shape of the product is tall, in line with the aesthetics of European and American people.
  • Powerful:
    1. Support fast battery swap.
    2. Magnesium alloy wheels, aluminum alloy frame.
    3. The whole vehicle adopts waterproof connectors and all electronic controls can reach IP67 standard.
    4. The whole series adopts Okai's self-developed IOT products with powerful GPS positioning system and GPRS communication system.
    5. Automatic lifting cushion using the principle of air pressure automatic adjustment.
  • Personalise:
    1. Support custom CMF.
    2. Support optional helmet lock, helmet cable lock, mobile phone holder, wireless charging.
    3. Different capacity batteries can be selected to meet the battery life requirements in multiple directions.
    4. Support secondary development to meet customer server needs.
  • Market:
    1. Okai's first bicycle has passed the market test for several years and has mature market experience and production technology.
    2. Meet the certification and regulatory requirements of 80% of the world's regions.

Product Specification

Specification Details
Product Model EB100 series
N.W/Net weight 38.58kg (Without options)
Scooter size 1700*700*1170mm
Maximum load 120kg
Rated load 75kg
Maximum speed 25km/h (15.6mph)
Motor type Permanent magnet brushless DC motor
Power Rear wheel drive
Rated power and maximum power 250W/500W
Maximum net power 500W
Maximum net torque 40N.m
Gradeability 20%
Battery type Lithium battery




EB100 Series Specification_V1.jpg

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