Return Policy for Fleet Products

Created on: June 14, 2021
Last Modified: Nov 28th, 2023 - revision include adding link to Consumer Product Return Policy. 


Purchases of Commercial Products from Levy Fleets are not returnable after purchase due to the unique nature of our imported custom projects. These products are specially designed and imported to meet the specific needs of our customers, and as such, returning them to their manufacturer or exporting them is typically not feasible. However, we are committed to resolving any issues related to defects in these products according to the manufacturer's warranty terms.

If you encounter a defect in a Levy Fleets commercial product, we encourage you to contact us immediately. Defective products will be handled in accordance with the manufacturer's warranty policy, which may include repair, replacement, or another suitable resolution, as determined by the manufacturer. We will work diligently to facilitate this process and ensure your issue is addressed promptly.

For return policy on consumer products, please see here: Warranty and Return Policy - Consumer Products



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