Revenue Payout Reporting

While the Levy Fleets dashboard provides detailed data regarding trips taken and heat-map analytics, it isn't the best source for revenue tracking since it primarily indexes on Ride Cost as the main metric.  Ride Cost doesn't map to revenue per ride because it doesn't take into consideration Bonus credits applied to the trip, partial refunds processed, or insufficient balance charges. 

In our Airtable reporting we combine the data from this dashboard with actual credit card processing data from Stripe to include these additional calculations: 

The breakdown for revenue payouts is as follows.

  • Total Cost USD refers to the gross amount charged for the trip, according to the vehicle's pricing model.
  • Money indicates the portion of the total cost that was paid using actual funds, usually charged to a credit card. This does not include bonuses, ride credits, or active subscriptions.
  • Bonus Amount refers to the portion of the ride that was covered using wallet credits.
  • Net Payment is the actual sum of money deposited for a particular ride. It takes into account the credit card processing fees charged by the banks and any refunds that were processed and returned to the cardholder.
  • Partner Share represents the percentage of the Net Payment amount that is paid out.

Our reporting through Airtable combines data from the Levy Fleets Dashboard and from our Payment Processor (Stripe) to provide full accuracy in terms of the payments actually processed. 

This includes payments that failed due to insufficient funds, refunds, and disputes - and are the main reasons that net payments processed are always less than the total sum of all ride fares.  

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